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Newfoundland fishing lodges, family resorts, fly-in fishing, ecotourism, and outdoor vacations guide ...

Welcome to our easy to use guide to locate Newfoundland fishing lodges, family resorts, vacation cottages, ecotourism lodges, fly-in fishing lodges, and hunting resorts in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Fall asleep to the sound of waves gently rolling against the shore. Wake up to a shimmering sea and the cries of gulls above the harbour in search of food. Cook your breakfast over a campfire or enjoy the home cooking of a fine resort.

The hospitality of our people is internationally renowned. Whether you're staying at one of the fine hotels in St. John's or a small inn at one of the many outport communities along the shore, you're sure to be pleased. Our national and provincial parks offer campgrounds for those seeking a more rustic experience. Whatever your preference, you will enjoy it here.

You can choose to select your resorts by type or activity.

There's lots to do in Newfoundland from swimming, hiking, and rockclimbing to Skiing - downhill and cross-country - snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. The island is alive with folk and traditional music and festivals of all kinds.
Go sight-seeing, and observe the whales and icebergs, crashing seas and rolling hills, deep fjords and rugged plateaus.

Note: Your time is important! To assist with your search for lodges and resorts we have broken the provincial lists down into regions or tourism districts. This allows you to narrow your search by location geographically and/or to work through the smaller groupings on a systematic basis. A descriptive overview is provided for each lodge or resort to help the visitor quickly select and visit only those web sites that meet their individual needs.

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