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Welcome to the British Columbia's lodges and resorts. British Columbia, Canada, is world-famous for its beautiful cities, incredible scenery, and warm and welcoming people. Get ready to enjoy the cultural and recreational adventure opportunities of a lifetime.

Literally thousands of lakes and rivers to cast your fishing line into, kayak or canoe, swim or water-ski in. The lakes and rivers teem with a wide variety of fish. In the late summer and fall, salmon surge through the river systems as they head for their traditional spawning grounds. From backyard porches to man-made viewing platforms, you can view the many species of animals and birds, large and small, that inhabit northern British Columbia.

You can choose to select your resorts by type or activity.

The province offers numerous provincial and private park areas, and recreation based resorts and lodges to suit every kind of outdoors taste. If a truly Canadian experience is what you want, there can be no better place to visit than British Columbia's lodges and resorts.

Visitors seeking unique facilities and services can select from our
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Your time is important! To assist with your search for lodges and resorts we have broken the provincial lists down into regions or tourism districts. This allows you to narrow your search by location geographically and/or to work through the smaller groupings on a systematic basis. A descriptive overview is provided for each lodge or resort to help the visitor quickly select and visit only those web sites that meet their individual needs.

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